Uniform arrangements from September 2017

You will have seen and heard about our proposals to change our existing uniform to a smarter new look.  A mock-up of the new uniform was available to see at our recent parents evenings,  where the proposals received an overwhelmingly positive response.  Therefore, the new uniform will come into effect in the new academic year in September 2017 for Years 7 to 10.  The current Year 10 will be able to continue with the existing uniform to see out their final year with us if they wish to do so.  There will be no change to the PE kit.  Details of when the new uniform will be available will be released shortly.  It will be available online, in school on certain days and at the Uniform Direct shop on Humberstone Gate.

If you wish to discuss this further please contact the relevant Pastoral Co-ordinator or Head of Year.

Why do we have an academy uniform?

  • Our academy uniform encourages students to wear clothes appropriate for working in academy.
  • Uniform helps students to prepare for their futures in the world of work, where dress codes are usually expected.
  • Our uniform is used to identify us in the local community and the students wearing it should reflect the academy values

It is important that parents and students know clearly what our uniform is and where they can buy it from.

Our uniform is:

  • Red polo shirt.
  • Either a zip top or sweatshirt with the Rushey Mead logo.
  • Plain black or charcoal grey academy trousers or skirts of appropriate length.
  • Black shoes or black trainers.
  • An outdoor coat is allowed during bad weather. However, this must be removed when arriving for lessons, the assembly hall, in the dining room, etc. The coat should be in addition to, not instead of, academy zip tops or sweatshirts.

These items are also allowed:

  • Plain head scarves or caps worn for religious or cultural reasons.
  • Earrings no larger in diameter than a 10p piece.
  • A single nose stud (permission letter required to wear a nose stud in PE). The academy’s preference is for no other facial piercings. If a student has any other piercings then the academy will decide whether they are acceptable.

Turbans - Turbans should be secured with small pins.

Adherence to the 5 “Ks”.  

Following Amrit, practicing Sikhs may adopt “Panj Kakkaar”. 

  • Karra – The steel band should not be heavy, wide or have sharp edges and it should be tight fitting.  It is advisable, for health and safety purposes, that it is held in place by a sweatband during activities such as Science and PE. 
  • Kirpan – The Kirpan should only be worn by practicing and initiated Sikhs who have taken “Amrit”.  The Kirpan must be sheathed and kept out of sight at all times.   The blade must not be more than three inches in length and the Kirpan should not be more than six inches in length in total, including both the blade and handle. 
    Arrangements for PE and other physical activity will have to be discussed and a solution arrived at which enables health and safety guidance for PE to be met. This may take the form of a smaller kirpan being worn in the turban for example.
  • Kanthi Mala – This necklace of beads is permitted, providing it is worn loose enough to concealed under the academy uniform but not so loose that it creates a Health and Safety risk.

These items are not allowed:

  • Hooded or zip tops (other than the official academy uniform top).
  • Baseball caps.
  • Leggings, jogging bottoms or jeans.
  • Trainers that are not black.

Student PE Kits

A new black PE kit has been introduced for the Year 7 boys. Students in Years 8 – 11 should continue to wear the old kit, this kit will eventually be phased out year by year.

Girls Boys Years 8 – 11
Black polo shirt with logo Royal blue football shirt with logo
Black shorts with logo OR plain black jogging bottoms Royal blue shorts with logo
White socks Royal blue socks
Tracksuit top with logo (advisable for winter activities) Trainers/plimsolls for indoor PE
Trainers for outdoor PE  Trainers for outdoor PE
Trainers/plimsolls for indoor PE  
Boys Year 7
Long sleeve black/red reversible top (compulsory)
Short sleeve black & red polo (optional but recommended for summer activities)
Black shorts
Tracksuit top (advisable for winter activities)
Plain black joggers (advisable for winter activities – no logos or stripes)
Plain black football socks
Indoor trainers
Outdoor trainers
Football boots
Shin Pads

Only the Year 7 boys should have the new black kit, all other years (8 – 11) should have the existing blue kit.

Where can you buy academy uniform?

You can buy uniform from The Schoolwear Centre - 40 Humberstone Gate, Leicester.
Uniform is available for purchase at their shop, over the phone (0116 2518082) and through their website.