Rushey Mead Academy Admissions Policy Consultation for 2020 and beyond

Proposed change

The Academy is making a change to its policy for admissions arrangements for the 2020/21 academic year and subsequent years and the proposed policy is presented here.

The change is to reduce the Academy’s Planned Admissions Number (PAN) from 378 to 324 per year group.

Rationale for change

A year ago the Academy’s PAN was increased from 324 to 378 for 2019 in response to a request from the Local Authority. This was for a number of Leicester secondary schools to increase their number of student places to address the significant shortfall in secondary school places in Leicester compared to the expected need. This followed previous increases in the Rushey Mead Academy PAN in both 2017 and 2018.

It is worth noting that on increasing the Academy’s PAN, the total number of students at the Academy increases each year for the next 5 years, leading to a significant increase in the total number of students. For example, the 2017 PAN of 312 would give an academy size of 1560 and the 2019 PAN of 378 would give a total of 1890.

The Local Authority provided temporary accommodation in 2018 for additional pupils in years 7 and 8. This was to enable the Academy to operate until the construction of a permanent extension which would enable the school site to accommodate 1890 students by 2024. Unfortunately, the Local Authority now find that they are unable to provide this permanent extension. The current Academy buildings (including the temporary units) will not be able to accommodate the year on year increase in the number of students if the PAN stays at 378. Therefore, the Academy has reluctantly concluded that it will have to reduce its PAN back to 324 in order to ensure all its students are adequately accommodated o the academy site.

It is worth noting that Rushey Mead Academy is part of The Mead Educational Trust which is due to open a new secondary school, Castle Mead Academy, in Leicester in September 2019 with a PAN of 240. Rushey Mead Academy will be working closely with this new school and will share staff, systems and expertise.


The consultation period runs from 5 November 2018 to 14 December 2018 and allows anyone with an interest (for example parents, other schools and the local community) to comment about the proposed 2020/21 admission arrangements. You can comment by:

  • Writing to: Cathy Brown, The Mead Educational Trust, The Mead Centre, 343 Gipsy Lane, Leicester LE4 9DD
  • Emailing us at: [email protected]

Contact the schools admission team
School Admissions Service, Customer Service Centre, York House, 91 Granby Street,
Leicester, LE1 6FB 

Website:         school-admissions
Telephone:     (0116) 454 1009
Email:            [email protected]

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