Year 7 Brilliant Club

Once again, we are extremely fortunate to offer 12 of our Year 7 students a place on the ‘Brilliant Club’. The Scholars Programme is an in-school academic programme designed to give students exposure to a genuine academic environment and to experience learning in the style of a university student. Students will be working closely with a PhD Tutor in a series of small group university style tutorials to study a ‘super-curricular’ course that explores science topics they may not usually study in the school curriculum.

The Brilliant club kicked off with a launch trip to the University of Nottingham on Monday 27th February where our students had the opportunity to meet their PhD tutor and students from other schools. They were given their first assignment and tutorial in a university setting and participated in study skills sessions involving designing a society. Mahima and Vyashti created a ‘reading society’ and presented their aims and objectives to all the schools at the launch trip, impressing the judges and winning the competition!

The next set of tutorials will take place every Monday morning at our school and finish off with a graduation trip upon submission of their final assignment at another Russell group university. This is an extremely exciting programme for our more able students.

Congratulations to the following group of students for gaining a place on the Scholars Programme:

Anais Laxman 7BOR, Nikhil Rajkotia 7MEM, Amaani
Ajmayeen 7CHM, Heer Isvar 7BOR, Aum Dave 7BOR, Zak
Holland 7HAS, Abhinaya Rajenthiram 7BOS, Bagirdan
Dharmalingam 7CHR, Vyashti Rajpara 7HAM, Shivani
Pancholi 7BOM, Dev Vardhan Sharma 7BEM, Mahima
Jankee 7HAM