Rushey Mead School in Bhuj, India

Rushey Mead Foundation is a charity close to the hearts of staff and students at Rushey Mead Academy. Through various fundraising activities it helped towards building Rushey Mead School in Bhuj following an earthquake that took place in 2001.

Money raised has helped to educate local children who may not have had the opportunity to attend a school if it was not for the charity. The charity is still going strong and work is continuing to ensure that children in the local area continue to be educated so that they can better themselves and escape the harsh realities of poverty. Rushey Mead Foundation has set up a new Twitter feed which you can also follow for the latest news and pictures - @rusheymeadfound

We often have charity events in school and continue to raise money on a regular basis. One off donations or a monthly donation of £5 per month helps to sustain the work being done and can be made at the following website: