National Space Centre presentation: ExoMars Mission

Year 10 National Space Centre presentation: ExoMars mission Year 10 students from our school were invited to the National Space Centre on the afternoon of Friday 6th October as part of World Space Week. They had the opportunity to meet engineers from the Airbus’ ExoMars mission team, along with their prototype ExoMars Rover, BRUNO. ExoMars is a joint European Space Agency / Roscosmos mission to search for signs of past and present life on Mars, with the ExoMars Rover due for launch in 2020. During the afternoon visit, students were delivered a talk on ‘ExoMars Rover: Engineering for the Red Planet’ by Paul Meacham, the Lead Systems Engineer followed by a question and answer session. The National Space Centre continues to deliver events and lectures to students to inspire the next generation of scientists.

At Rushey Mead Academy, there are many opportunities for all students to participate in activities that will challenge and stretch them, including visits to universities, workshops delivered by higher education institutes, as well as regional and national competitions. All ‘Take it Further’ opportunities are regularly publicised through the SMHW notices and students are encouraged to be proactive in applying for such opportunities.