Leicester Mercury Education Awards

We are delighted to inform you that two Rushey Mead students, Lavanya 10HAM and Sophiya, who is now an ex-student, were finalists at the Leicester Mercury Education Awards which took place last night at King Power Stadium.

Lavanya was one of our first Music Scholars when she joined our school in Year 7. Lavanya has already achieved Grade 4 Flute with distinction and is currently preparing for Grade 6 which she hopes to take in the new year. She has achieved this high standard of playing in just 3 years and has always shown absolute dedication and passion throughout, often spending time before and after school practising.

Her commitment to practise at home is evident also meaning she is well prepared for lessons and orchestra rehearsals. She has shown true resilience during times when her instrument was exhibiting faults and affecting her playing, or whilst learning new music, never letting any barrier deter her at any point. She plays beautifully, taking what’s written on the page and interpreting with her own distinctive gentle playing style. She is quite comfortable playing in orchestral situations, small ensembles, duets and performing solo, often supporting others and mentoring younger students. In the last couple of years, she has also taken to teaching herself the piano and can often be heard mastering this instrument in the music department too. We are very proud of everything she has achieved so far and we know she has bright musical future ahead of her.


Sophiya, now an ex-student who graduated from us in the class of 2018, was a finalist for the Science and Maths Award. Sophiya achieved a Grade 9 in every single subject, and one Grade A*. This means Sophiya is in the “elite” bracket with only a few students in the country able to match her success. Only 732 students nationally achieved this out of total cohort of a half a million students.

Results day really showed the person Sophiya is, she was in shock to begin with and actually asked if a mistake had been made! Sophiya then spent the rest of results day praising others, celebrating in their achievements and almost keeping her results to herself so not to cast a shadow on the rest.

Sophiya is an exceptional mathematician who is able to solve complex, sophisticated mathematical problems and applying deductive reasoning to new situations in order to generalise and infer. Her strong algebra skills enabled her to model situations algebraically, form proofs and find solutions.
We are pleased to announce that Sophiya was a winner in her category!