Homework @ Rushey Mead Academy

At Rushey Mead we pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of academic excellence and achievement for all. Each year we focus on further developing specific aspects of our work, to ensure that we are providing a truly outstanding education for your child. One of our focuses for this academic year is homework.

Benefits of homework
Our experience of working with many thousands of students over the years shows that:
 a student who has developed positive homework habits
 a student who approaches homework with the aim of doing it well
 a student who really learns something by completing the task set will typically achieve 2-3 GCSE grades higher

On the other hand,
 a student who does the bare minimum to avoid consequences
 a student who does homework in a rushed way, often at the last minute to meet a deadline - or indeed, sometimes even completing it after the deadline will typically achieve 2-3 GCSE grades lower

It's not just our experience that points to the importance of work done at home. Research completed by the Department for Education and Oxford University, where 3,000 students were followed for 15 years, to assess the impact of homework on achievement, found that any work at home had positive benefits for achievement, but that the most significant benefit in KS4 was achieved by 2-3 hours per night, or 10-15 hours over a week.

Although homework is a very big factor in student achievement, not all homework has equal impact. Over the last year we have been studying educational research in depth, and have evaluated all tasks set across all subjects in the school, so that we can be sure that all homework is the absolute best to aid progress in that subject, and the best tasks suited to being completed at home.

Following on from this review, our aims this academic year are:-

 to help students to understand why we set homework and the importance of doing homework WELL
 to keep you better informed regarding the quality of your child's homework and the impact it is having on their achievement
 to offer tips on how to support positive homework habits that will help your child to achieve

Show My Homework
We know that keeping up-to-date with the goings on in your child’s school life is difficult. Pinning down a teacher with their busy schedule isn’t an easy task, nor is getting an answer out of your child as to when homework has been set, what events are coming up and their exam timetable. To help you combat this, Rushey Mead Academy has invested in Show My Homework, an online system that aims to improve this situation, so you can enjoy a seamless line of communication between home and school, and spend your evening having meaningful conversations rather than battling over deadlines!

With Show My Homework you can enjoy access to all your child’s homework tasks 24/7 and receive notifications regarding school events and announcements.
You can even sync your child’s homework calendar with iCal so all deadlines are imported into your personal calendar. 
All students will have their own PIN number so that they can log on to Show My Homework.
All parents can see an overview of all homework set on the Show My Homework website, without a password or pin number, simply search by your child’s year or teachers -

If you do not have a PIN yet, which allows you to view specific homework that has been set for your child please contact the school and ask to speak with David Stevens, Parent Liaison Officer, who will be able to send you details of your PIN number.
[email protected]