British Science Week 2017

Students in Year 7 and the Year 8 STEM club had the opportunity to attend the Big Bang Fair held at the NEC in Birmingham on Thursday 16th March. This event was part of the British Science Week 2017 and the extracurricular ‘Take it Further’ programme.

The Big Bang Fair is an annual programme of UK-wide events that aim to get students excited about the STEM subjects. There were hundreds of interactive activities, mind-boggling shows and fantastic careers information from local and national employers for students to explore throughout the day. The ‘BodyHacking’ show was a particular hit with the teachers and students, where they observed a live endoscopy, spectacular explosions and were involved with whole-audience games. All the students had a fantastic day at the event and came back inspired and enthused.

‘The BodyHacking show was amazing! The Big Bang Fair has definitely motivated me to do more science activities in and out of school.’ Aryan Anadkat 7BOM

‘There were lots of informative stalls during the day. I loved the BodyHacking show – that was just brilliant.’ Hariom Joshi 7BOM

‘The Big Bang Fair was a great day with a range of interesting science projects created by students.
The interactive show was fantastic too, especially seeing the live endoscopy.’ Vyashti Rajpara 7HAM

Chemistry at work - Year 8 forensics

As part of the science provision all Year 8 students have been involved in an exciting project with the University of Leicester Chemistry department. The project has been funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry and has encouraged our students to consider pursuing STEM subjects and careers in the future.

The students have worked in small teams throughout the project, performing extended investigation experiments based on the forensics science research of the Chemistry department. They have had access to research instrumentation delivered by a wide range of university academic staff and have enjoyed participating in the range of the experiments and engaged in challenging discussions.
We hope to invite the University of Leicester academics in the future to work with more of our students and inspire the future generation of scientists.