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GCSE Summer 2018 Timetable  

GCSE Art & Design Fine Art & Photography: Tuesday 17th April, Wednesday 18th April, Thursday 19th April, Friday 20th April. 

GCSE Drama Unit 2: Wednesday 14th March  
MFL Speaking Exams: Monday 16th April – Friday 4th May 

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9th May  

IGCSE English Reading & Writing (1hr 30 minutes)  


Friday  11th May  

IGCSE English Listening (40 minutes)  

Computing: Systems & Programming (1hr 30 minutes)  

BTEC Music: The Music Industry (1 hour)  

BTEC: Human Lifespan Development (1 hour) IGCSE Arabic Reading (2 hours)  

Monday 14th May  

Religious Studies: Buddhism & Christianity
(1hr 45 minutes)  

French Listening (35 – 45 minutes) French Reading (45 minutes – 1 hour)  


15th May  

Biology Unit 1 (1hr 45 minutes)  

Combined Science: Biology Unit 1 (1hr 15 minutes)  

Physical Education Paper 1 (1hr 15 minutes)  

Gujarati Writing (1 hour)  

Portuguese Writing (1 hour)  

   16th May  

Religious Studies: Thematic Studies (1hr 45 minutes)  

Chemistry Unit 1 (1hr 45 minutes)  

Combined Science: Chemistry Unit 1 (1hr 15 minutes) IGCSE Arabic Writing (2 hours)  

Thursday 17th  May  

Computing: Algorythms & Programming
(1hr 30 minutes)  

French Writing (1hr – 1hr 15 minutes)  

Friday 18th May  

Drama Unit 3 (1hr 30 minutes) Physical Education Paper 2 (1hr 15 minutes)  

Portuguese Listening (50 minutes)  


21st  May  

Gujarati Listening (50 minutes)  

English Literature Unit 1 (1hr  45 minutes)  


22nd May  

Geography: Living with the Physical Environment  

(1hr 30 minutes)  

Business Studies: Business & People (1 hour)  

Italian Listening (45 minutes)  

Italian Reading (50 minutes)  

Wednesday  23rd May  

Physics Unit 1 (1hr 45 minutes)  

Combined Science: Physics Unit 1 (1hr 15 minutes)  

Mathematics Non Calculator (1hr 30 minutes)  

Hindi (3 hours)  

Tamil (3 hours)  

Thursday 24th May  


English Literature Unit 2 (2hrs 15 minutes)  

Friday 25th May  

D&T Textiles Technology (2 hours)  


History: Crime & Punishment  (1hr 15 minutes)  


4th June  

Media Studies (1hr 30 minutes)  

English Language (1hr 45 minutes)  

Tuesday  5th June  

Geography: Challenges in Human Environment  

(1hr 30 minutes)  



 6th June  

Business Studies: Production & Finance (1hr 30 minutes)  

Gujarati Reading (1 hour)  

Portuguese Reading (1 hour)  

Mathematics Calculator (1hr 30 minutes)  


7th June  


English Language (1hr 45 minutes)  

Friday  8th June  

History: Superpower Relations (1hr 45 minutes)  

Biology Unit 2 (1hr 45 minutes)  

Combined Science: Biology Unit 2 (1hr 15 minutes)  


11th June  

Geography: Geographical Applications  

(1hr 15 minutes)  

Mathematics Calculator (1hr 30 minutes)  

Tuesday  12th June  

History: Germany (1hr 20 minutes)  

Chemistry Unit 2 (1hr 45 minutes)  

Combined Science: Chemistry Unit 2 (1hr 15 minutes)  


13th June  



Thursday  14th June  

Food and Nutrition (1hr 45 minutes) Punjabi

Listening (45 minutes)  

Physics Unit 2 (1hr 45 minutes)    

Combined Science: Physics Unit 2 (1hr 15 minutes)  

Friday  15th June  


Punjabi Reading (50 minutes) Punjabi

Writing (1 hour)  


18th June  



Tuesday  19th June  

Additional Maths (2 hours)  

D&T Product Design (2 hour)  

Friday   22nd June