Physical Education

Aims & Vision

In PE, we want to inspire young people to participate and enjoy physical activity. We want them to recognise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle which continues into adulthood.
This can be achieved through the following Olympic values:

  • FRIENDSHIP - Enjoyment, positive relationships & teamwork
  • RESPECT – Everyone - Support others to maximise end enjoy learning
  • EXCELLENCE - Always strive to achieve your potential
  • DETERMINATION - Work hard to overcome challenges. Do not give up.
  • INSPIRATION - Take responsibility for learning to inspire others and instil positive attitudes
  • COURAGE - Take the opportunities as they arise
  • EQUALITY - Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy, learn and achieve

At Rushey Mead, we want students to enjoy and achieve in Physical Education. We are a faculty that passionately strives to develop the best provision for our learners. We aim to provide an environment of excellence where students can achieve their full potential in their academic, physical, creative, personal, moral and spiritual development. We are a caring faculty where students and adults feel they make a positive contribution and are valued as individuals, where students grow into strong leaders and develop a lifelong passion for physical activity. We aim to create a partnership between students and the wider community as a whole, making a positive difference. Students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life.

The PE Faculty plays a major role in the provision of activities outside normal academy hours.  We consider this to be an important aspect of the education of the students and an opportunity to further extend and challenge all students. All members of the Faculty are involved in delivering extra-curricular activities, and there is an extensive range of activities offered. All students are able to participate in activities planned for their year group. They must complete a ‘desire to participate’ form before they attend clubs.

We value our students’ opinions and we regularly consult with students and offer them the opportunities they desire.


We aim to develop skills and techniques which enable students to apply them in different activities. They start to make decisions about their performance and take on different roles such as leader, official and coach. Information technology is now an important aspect of planning, performing and evaluating and students are able to observe themselves via Smart software in order to receive instant feedback.

There are many extra-curricular opportunities both competitive and aesthetic including Dance, Rounders, Fitness, Athletics, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Netball, Dodgeball, Orienteering, Tennis and many others.
Students are assessed on every activity and this is recorded to monitor progress and improve learning.


During Year 9 students complete a unit of work on Sports Education which involves them taking on leadership roles such as manager, captain, warm-up coach and drills coach.

KEY STAGE 4                                                    


All students have the opportunity to undertake the Sports Leader Level 1 Award in year 10. They are assessed on their ability to plan, organise and lead their peers in a variety of sports activities. Students who pass the award may have the opportunity to complete the Level 2 Award in year 11. This award is more challenging than the level 1 and requires students to complete ten hours of sports leadership experience in their own time

We aim to improve the physical literacy and efficiency of all students whilst providing enjoyment. There are opportunities to take various National Governing Body awards and the department aims to enable the majority of students to leave with a sporting certification.

Pupils partake in several sports over two years including football, netball, tennis, badminton, aerobics, cricket, basketball and dance. In these areas students will be assessed and given a level ranging from 5 to exceptional performance. We aim to improve the physical literacy and efficiency of all students whilst providing enjoyment. There are opportunities to take various National Governing Body awards and the department aims to enable the majority of students to leave with a sporting accreditation.



This course leads to a GCSE examination in Physical Education.
50% of the course is practical and students experience a variety of sports, performing in different roles which they are assessed in by their class teacher. 10% of the course
40% of the course comprises of the application of theory and students have the opportunity to study a range of topics including Health, fitness and a healthy lifestyle, Training, Diet, Cultural and Social factors of Sport. At the end of the year, they sit a written exam paper of 1.5 hours.

A revision programme begins at the start of year 10 and students are encouraged to attend revision classes during the Easter vacations to improve their ability to succeed and excel.


This is a practically based course which leads to a level 2 qualification. The students complete a series of assignments and compile a portfolio of evidence to attain a:  Pass, Merit or Distinction. They also complete an on line assessment which they need to pass to ensure they achieve the accreditation.
During the Easter vacations, students are encouraged to attend BTEC catch up classes where they are supported to complete assignments and improve their grades.


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