Citizenship and PSHE Education

Citizenship and PHSE Education (Personal, Social and Health Education) at Rushey Mead Academy is part of the Humanities Faculty. 

The PSHE and Citizenship curriculum aims to help students develop spiritually, morally and culturally. In partnership with Religious Education at Rushey Mead we aim to teach students how to play an effective role in a tolerant, multi faith society and cover topics relevant to young people in our community. We want our students to develop an awareness of the needs of others in a diverse society and hope they will do this, principally, through developing the ability to listen to others without prejudice.  We hope our students will gain a greater understanding of the personal challenges they may face in life and we aim to help them improve their skills and knowledge to deal with these effectively.


Citizenship is taught as a discrete subject within History and Geography lesson time in Years 7 and 8. In these lessons students also cover topics in line with the 2014 National Curriculum.

At Key Stage 3 the Citizenship units studied include:

  • Rules, Laws and Liberties as a Citizen
  • UK Political System
  • Community Action
  • Young People and Crime
  • Voting and Elections
  • Law and Order

In year 9 students have a discrete Citizenship lesson and will focus on PHSE based units such as sex and relationships and Prevent.

In addition, students will start their careers education during their Citizenship lessons in all years at KS3. 

At Key Stage 3 the PHSE units are studied on stop the clock days and during tutor time. The topics studied include:

  • Puberty
  • Personal Relationships
  • Changing Relationships
  • First Aid
  • Drugs Education

Parents or carers who have any concerns or questions about the KS3 Citizenship and PHSE programme are invited to arrange a meeting with the Lead teacher for Citizenship and PHSE to discuss any issues and view the lesson plans and resources.


Essential articles folders and books in the academy library- these are articles which relate to Citizenship and PHSE issues.
Students are encouraged to read newspapers and apply what they have learnt in lessons to “real life” situations.


  • Students from Year 9 onwards can take part in the annual Leicester Academies Court competition where students take roles in a mock trial held at the Crown Court.
  • Productions and presentations by outside agencies – in 2013 a theatre group put on a play about prejudice and a band “In Hindsight” performed and spoke to students about the dangers of drug taking.
  • Humanities Homework Club.


Citizenship (Ms Airey)  [email protected]
PHSE (Ms Conneally)  [email protected]