Positive Behaviour For Learning

We have a well-developed system to encourage good behaviour and help students to learn positively from their mistakes.

The system is called 'Behaviour For Learning'. The system is easy for all students to understand and is consistently applied by all staff across the academy .

Students who make a significant helpful contribution or who show excellent effort or progress in their work and meet our daily expectations are rewarded with 'Rushey Rewards’. These are logged through our computer system and Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates and badges are awarded when students have accrued certain numbers of rewards each year. Students can even cash in reward points for prizes and gifts using our rewards catalogue.

Simple and sensible rules are in place to help us all to work harmoniously and effectively to achieve our best. Everyone is expected to show respect and concern for each other, demonstrate good manners and be smart, both in terms of appearance but also in demeanour. This forms the basis of our code of conduct Respect, Manners, Attitude.

When someone breaks a rule there are clear consequences:

  • Consequence one   - "C1" A verbal warning
  • Consequence two   - "C2" A verbal warning
  • Consequence three - "C3" One hour detention after academy
  • Consequence four   - "C4" Withdrawal from the lesson, either to another class or to our reflection room.

When an after academy C3 detention is given parents/carers will be informed of this by text. Usually the detention is served later in the same week or early the following week.

Additional Support

Students whose attendance, work or behaviour is giving cause for concern may be put 'on report'. This gives teachers the opportunity to comment on effort and attitude if appropriate. The report allows students to have behaviour and effort recorded for each lesson and allows a senior member of staff to review the student's behaviour with them on a daily basis.

As we work to maintain a positive learning atmosphere throughout the academy , we appreciate close cooperation and support from all parents and carers. Sometimes a parent or carer will be invited to meet a member of the Pastoral Team to review a student's needs. In some cases a 'Pastoral Support Plan' will be agreed to help coordinate support of all relevant adults and encourage the young person concerned to make best use of the support offered to them in order to meet personal targets.

In the interests of safety and welfare of our student population and the local community, the Head Teacher will respond as appropriate to incidents involving Rushey Mead students that arise outside the academy and may apply academy sanctions accordingly. 

Behaviour Management Policy